The quirky Frac-Fit tour

Around the exhibition Endeavours and Masterpieces

In partnership with Massilia Fit

This quirky tour of the heart of the exhibition Endeavours and Masterpieces − The Hour of Glory (Des exploits, des chefs-d’oeuvre − L’Heure de gloire) will invite participants to discover the works while practicing a series of moves at the intersection between yoga and Pilates.
The group will be invited to fill the surrounding spaces and works, adopting poses that echo them. Will the ring, pyramid, podium, sails or skates be able to inspire you?

Practical information

All workshops offered by Frac Sud are free of charge
+33 (0)4 91 91 27 55 or at the Frac Sud reception desk during opening hours
Limited to 10 people per workshop
Adults (16+)