Les œuvres de la collection du Frac dans l’exposition

  • Beatrice GIBSON, A Necessary Music, 2008
    Nouveaux médias, Vidéo
    Narration fictionelle tirée du roman d’Adolfo Bioy Casares « The invention of Morel », paru en 1941.


    A Necessary Music is a science fiction film about modernist social housing. A musically conceived piece, referencing the video operas of Robert Ashley, the film explores the social imaginary of a utopian landscape through directed attention to the voices that inhabit it.

    Roosevelt Island is a small sliver of land situated between Manhattan and Queens, intersected by the Queensborough Bridge. Formally known as Welfare Island and originally home to New York’s largest insane asylum, a small pox hospital, and a range of other 19th century municipal facilities for incarceration, it now houses one of the cities most visible, yet little-known modernist social housing projects. The subject of several architectural competitions during the 1960’s that employed the island as a laboratory site, proposing a range of re-imagined futures, from a floating casino, to a Museum of Egyptian Artifacts, to a cemetery, to a Disney-like water and entertainment park, its current status is the result of the winning entry of Philip Johnson. Johnson’s master plan proposed a mixed income, enclosed utopian community ; a bucolic concrete enclave, divided into three residential developments.

    Treating the medium of film as both a musical proposition and a proposal for collective production, A Necessary Music employs the resident of New York’s Roosevelt Island as its authors and actors, gathering together texts written by them and using them to construct a script for the film. Casting seveteen residents to enact these lines accompanied by a fictional narration take from Adolfo Bioy Casares’ 1941 science fiction novel ’The invention of Morel’, the film deploys fiction as a tool to frame and activate its site. Self-consciously dissolving from attempted realism to imagined narrative, what begins as a process concerned with sociality becomes instead a ethnographic fiction about place and community, and an investigation into representation itself.
    " [www.anecessarymusic.org]
    Vidéo HD, couleur, sonore

    durée : 30’
    Achat à gb agency en 2013
    Inv. 2013.781
    © Adagp, Paris
    Photo : Visuel fourni par la galerie